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A workshop on SPSS was oganised for M.Com students

A workshop on SPSS was organised for M.Com students.
PURPOSE: For imparting practical knowledge of various techniques of SPSS and their applicability under different situations and to motivate the students for research work.
OUTCOME: Students got the opportunity to participate in their research promoting skills and become familiar with the software package. They received the first- hand experience about using the logical batched and non- batched statistical analysis which can perform highly complex data manipulation and analysis with simple instructions and also how to practise the theoretically taught concepts of statistical analysis into real life situations.
One day workshop on analysis of data using statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS) package was organised by the Department of Commerce.The workshop was handled by Mr.Amit, Assistant Professor NIIT Jalandhar. He emphasised the need for using SPSS eliciting proper inference in the backdrop of voluminous data available for research.He explained the procedure of deploying Chi-square test, t –test, f -test and ANOVA.The course was conducted in Smart Room No. 214 using ICT tools like Smart Board and Power Point Presentations



Resource Person:

Mr. Amit



PG Department of commerce and management

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