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Online Workshop on Arranging Webinars

Motive - The objective of an online workshop on "Arranging Webinars" for teaching faculty would be to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively plan, organize, and execute successful webinars. The workshop should cover various aspects of webinar planning and delivery.

Report - An online workshop on "Arranging Webinars - Prerequisites, Procedure, and Post-Proceedings and How to invite Applicants : Designing Google Forms" was conducted by Mr. Sanjeev Bhalla and Er. Sunali Sharma for teaching faculty. The workshop aimed to equip the faculty with the necessary knowledge and skills to organize effective webinars.
The workshop started with a discussion on the prerequisites of arranging webinars. The presenters emphasized the importance of identifying the target audience, setting clear objectives, and selecting appropriate topics and formats.
The presenters then discussed the step-by-step procedure for arranging webinars. They also provided tips for managing technical issues during webinars and handling Q&A sessions effectively. The presenters then discussed the post-proceedings of webinars, which included evaluating the effectiveness of the webinar and using feedback to improve future sessions.
The presenters demonstrated how to create a form, customize it according to the webinar's requirements, and send it to the target audience. They also explained how to track responses and use the information collected to manage the webinar effectively.
Outcome - The workshop provided the teaching faculty with valuable insights into arranging effective webinars. It equipped them with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan, organize, and deliver successful webinars. The hands-on session on designing Google Forms was particularly useful, as it enabled the faculty to learn how to invite applicants to webinars effectively.
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PG Department of Computer Science & IT

Resource Person:

1. Mr. Sanjeev Bhalla, Coordinator, HKCS, Kapurthala 2. Er. Sunali Sharma, HOD, PG Department of CS & IT, HKC, Kapurthala

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Mr. Sanjeev Bhalla - 9592002601

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