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Road Safety Week

On 17th January 2023, NSS Units of Hindu Kanya College, Kapurthala celebrated "Road Safety Week". A seminar was organized on this occasion in which ASI Sardar Gurbachan Singh addressed the students and informed them of the importance of following the traffic rules. He advised the students to follow the traffic rules as these are made for our protection and convenience and their violation can lead to accidents and other misfortunes. He also stressed the need to wear helmets to protect oneself from injury.

Purpose- The purpose of this activity was to give information related to the rules of traffic and aware of the precautions during driving

Outcome - Students revealed that the age of 18 is necessary to run the scooter. It is necessary to wear the helmet while running a scooter. While driving every one should obey the traffic lights.

No of Beneficiaries: 123




NSS Unit

Resource Person:

ASI Gurbachan Singh

Image by Milad Fakurian
Image by Milad Fakurian
Image by NordWood Themes
Image by NordWood Themes
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