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Theater Club is designed for students who are interested in learning more about the aspects of theater.

Year of Establishment



  • To inspire the students to use their abilities to give some social message to the society.

  • To enhance the listening and speaking skills.

  • It creates qualities of leadership and management among the students.

  • To develop emotional intelligence.


Hindu Kanya College has constituted ‘Theater Club’ for providing a platform for those having a deep sense and knowledge of finest form of art i.e. Theater. It is established to inculcate spirit of Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram among its members. Theater club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of drama and for this awareness will be arranging by a nukkad nataks, one act plays etc.

Theater Club

Faculty Members

  1. Dr. Kulwinder Kaur, Associate Professor in Hindi

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