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Extension Activities Committee

The Extension Activities Committee has been formed to inculcate moral values and responsibilities towards the society among the students. This committee also creates a sense of helping the needy by adopting the humanistic prospective.


1. To make the students aware about the problems of society and to attach them to the community.

2. To provide exposure to students by linking up with the society through various activities for their holistic development.

3. Committee is committed to work under a new motto every year.

4. To connect students with nature and cleanliness, the committee is dedicated to organise awareness campaigns to keep the air, water and surroundings clean.

Faculty Members

  1. Dr. Bhupinder Kaur, Assistant Professor in Punjabi

  2. Dr. Anupam Sabharwal, Assistant Professor in Economics

  3. Dr. Rajwinder Kaur, Assistant Professor in Punjabi

  4. Ms. Mansi, Assistant Professor in Commerce

Student Members


        Monika Saberwal, BA V Semester, 5013 

Vice president

         Sukhpreet Kaur, BA V Semester, 5012


  1.  Jaimeen, BA III Semester, 3017

  2.  Monika, Diploma  in cosmetology, 3413

  3. Gurpreet Kaur, BA I Semester,  2055

  4. Raman, BA V Semester, 5015

  5. Sumandeep kaur, BA I Semester, 2050

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