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Red Cross Unit


Red Cross unit is actively engaged in participating in various college and district level activities arranged by district and state units of Red Cross. This unit facilitates the students and staff with the first aid and medication, if required.

Year of Establishment



  • Red Cross Unit members are the builders of the Nation who take part in bringing the very MOTTO of Red Cross, that is, "SERVICE TO SOCIETY".

Faculty Members

  1. Ms. Sarika Kanda, Assistant Professor in Home Science

  2. Ms. Avninder Kaur, Assistant Professor in Fashion Designing


Amanpreet Kaur, M.Sc Fashion Designing, 7509

Vice President

Ramanpreet, M.Sc Fashion Designing, 7501


  1. Manveer kaur, M.Sc FD I Semester, 7502

  2. Sarabjeet kaur, M.Sc FD I Semester, 7506

  3. Gurpinder Kaur, B.A. V Semester, 5017

  4. Gurpreet Kaur, B.A. V Semester, 5022

  5. Sukriti Kalia, B.A. I Semester, 2009 

Red Ribbon Club

red ribbon.jpg

The RRC aims at harnessing the potential of the youth by equipping them with correct information on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support and Treatment. It also aims in building their capacities as peer educators in spreading messages on positive health behavior in an enabling environment and increasing voluntary blood donation from among youth.

Year of Establishment