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Chart making competition

Poster making exhibition depicting major events in the history of Punjab was organized by the History Department of Hindu Kanya College, Kapurthala . The students participated enthusiastically in this exhibition. During the activity,information related to 10 Guru Sahibans who were martyrs in Sikh history during Gurdwara reform movement was presented. On this occasion, the students also participated in the paper reading competition. Under this, the biography of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the biography of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, along with the history of the city, detailed information was given about Adi Granth Sahib ,Suresh Sharma, head of the Punjabi department, played the role of judge in this competition. Principal Dr.Archana Garg congratulated the students for this effort. Prof.Seema Rani and Prof.Aman ,Jyoti and 23 Students were present on this occasion.
Outcome -The students learned about the history of Punjab and about the Gurudwara reform movement.
No of participants-23



Resource Person:

Ms. Suresh Sharma


Fine Art Room


History Department

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