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Scholarships and Fee Concessions

Scholarships and Fee Concessions

The college offers the following scholarships and fee concessions to the students

    (i)  The Govt., University, Merit Scholarship/Stipends

    (ii) State Merit Scholarships and National Scholarship of Central and State Govt. for poor and brilliant students.

    (iii)  Stipends by Govt. for granting educational facilities to the children of political sufferers.

    (iv)  Sports Talent Scholarship under NSO scheme.

Govt. Scholarships for Scheduled Castes/Schedules Tribes/Backward Classes

Post Matric Scholarship is available to schedule caste students whose parents/ Guardian's income from all sources does not exceed the limit fixed by Government. However, an income declaration by the self-employed Parents/guardian stating definite income from all sources by way of an affidavit on judicial stamp paper duty attested by executive magistrate is required. Employed Parents/ guardians are required to obtain income certificate from their employer and for additional income from other sources, they would furnish declaration by way of an affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper duty attested by executive magistrate. Students/Parents/Guardians will be solely responsible for any false information given in the affidavit and form.


Government Instructions

Rules for Fee Concession

1. Fee concessions/stipends/scholarships are liable to be withdrawn without a warning if a student deteriorates in studies, remains irregular or is found guilty of misconduct or misbehaviour.

2. If a student enjoying concession/stipends/scholarship migrates or leaves the college before appearing in the University Examination, she will be required to surrender the entire amount paid to her by way of concession by the college.

3. The fee concession granted by the college will be adjusted in the last instalment of fee supposed to be paid in the month of April 2020

Note :   Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes/ Backward Classes students may apply for scholarship on line during the dates prescribed by welfare department Govt. of India. 

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