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Success Story


Henna Verma, Our Proud Alumnus
BCA (Session : 2005-2008)

Henna was born in a leap year and still takes delight in the notoriety of ‘once in every 4 years’ birthday. Her journey started in a middle class family; in Kapurthala district, a quiet town filled with history. She displayed each cliché of being the youngest child in family and was/is the naughty one.
She displayed an affiliation to both academics and the arts. Until matriculation (completed from Anand Public Sr. Sec. School, Kapurthala), she was found not only as go-getter in examinations; but was also a presence on stage. At the crossroad post 12th grade, she chose to build on her studies in Computer Science and pursued it at esteemed Hindu Kanya College. Her love for stage continued and she fondly remembers each performance. She won Gargi Award for her distinction among other students as the top scorer until attaining Bachelor Degree in 2008.
After completing her graduation, she desired to utilize her education as a member of corporate and industry.
Her evident intellect and charm got her a placement in both Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and HCL. She chose TCS due to a better market size of company and a profile of her liking; but trouble brewed at her home. It was difficult for her get blessings of elders at home to venture out as the first working female member of the family. The objections of perceived societal norms and fear of distance from home, made her family struggle with accepting her as a woman with a career. But with love, patience and humility; she convinced and attained family blessings to start her professional journey.
In October 2008, she joined TCS as Trainee in opposite end India, Chennai. She initially pursued a technical profile as a Java programmer, but quickly pivoted towards business management. She appreciates a good conversation and her interpersonal skills allowed her to excel in stakeholder management. It was an instinctive choice, but a wise one. As a Business Analyst, each day brought fresh set of challenges and excitement to perform well with them. Be it preparing a presentation or conducting a customer meeting, Henna has never turned back from an opportunity to grow her horizon.
She has grown her career steadily, working hard and smart each day, to attain laurels of her seniors, clients and management. She is known for her confidence and after 12 years, she is now an Associate Consultant, which is the first step towards management in the organizational hierarchy. Art is still a big presence in her life. Her passion for dance and stage breathes with her, making her an active member of TCS's dance group. They perform each year and won the best troupe at Spandan’17.
She is now a married woman and a mother of 7-month-old girl. If history does repeat, she wishes for her child to be the best as she can be, as Henna herself got to be.


Henna Verma

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