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Educational Trip at Goindwal Sahib

To tell the students about contribution made by Guru Amardas ji in Sikh history.
An educational tour to Shri. Goindwal Sahib was organized by the History Department of Hindu Kanya College, Kapurthala under the leadership of Principal Dr. Archana Garg, Where the 32 students were given information about the history of Guru Amardas ji. There the students were also told about the importance of Baoli Sahib. During this trip,the students came to know about the contribution made by Guru Amar Das Ji in the development of Sikhism.
Outcome-Students practically learn about development of Sikhism during 3rd Guru Amardas ji, get detailed information about Sri Baoli Sahib Ji.
No of Beneficiaries-32



Resource Person:

Mrs.Seema Rani


Sri Goindwal Sahib


history Department

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