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Guest lecture

*Lecture on Organic Farming organised at Hindu Kanya College*

Nature Eco Club of Hindu college Kapurthala organised a guest lecture on "Organic Farming: Need of the Hour for safe food for Humanity" on 19th November 2022. Dr. Pardeep Kumar, Sr. Scientist, Regional Center, Kapurthala was the keynote speaker who shared his views on organic farming and it's benefits, natural food and its utility, types, protective food and how to prepare manure and compost from kitchen waste. Mrs. Seema Thakur, Convener, Nature Eco Club, Mrs. Renu Soni and Mrs. Kajal were also present on the occasion. Madam Principal, Dr Archna Garg appreciated the efforts of Nature Eco Club for organizing this lecture on such a useful topic.



Resource Person:

Dr. Pardeep Kumar


Hindu Kanya College Kapurthala


Nature Eco Club

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