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Live dialogue’ on the topic “Cycle Irregularities among Women”

Department of Home Science and fashion designing of Hindu Kanya College Kapurthala, under the patronage of Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the college, organized online ‘live dialogue’ on the topic “Cycle Irregularities among Women”. Dr. Ruchi Bhargava gynaecologist, Bhargava advanced gyne surgery Cancer centre, Jalandhar was the Resource Person. Mrs. Jasdeep kaur, Assistant Professor Department of Punjabi, extended a warm welcome followed by the detailed profile of the expert of the day. Dr Ruchi Bhargava cleared the misconceptions regarding cycle irregularities among women .Addressing the students Dr. Bhargava stressed on adopting natural ways to handle menstruationrelated problems. She suggested all the women to start practicing “Chakki Asana” to slow down the pain during
the menstruation She advised that instead of taking painkillers,, excessive use of which can disturb functioning of kidneys girls should start
taking hot liquids and hot water massage and perform lower pelvic exercise. She said myths like effects of Covid-19 Vaccination on cycle
irregularities are also false .The enlightening interview was followed by a question answer session, where all keen participants asked questions
and while satisfying the queries of the participants Dr. Ruchi Bhargava cited that the balanced diet routine, exercise and maintaining emotional balance can lead to perfect menstruation cycle. Dr Archana Garg, Principal of college thanked the worthy resource person on the very useful and knowledge able session. She also said that today's session will help in removing many myths and misconceptions of girls regarding their
cycle irregularities.
Outcome: Resource person clarified the doubts of the participants regarding the irregular menstrual cycle and also suggested them various
medically proven remedies to treat the problem.



Resource Person:

Dr. Ruchi Bhargava gynaecologist, Bhargava




Home science & FD, IQAC

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