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Online webinar on "Our Unsung Heroes of Freedom Struggle"

Motive : To provide Knowledge about unsung heroes of freedom struggle.

Report: The fight against colonial rule in India constitutes a unique narrative, one which is not marred by violence. Rather a narrative that is full of variegated stories of valor, bravery, Satyagraha, dedication, and sacrifice across the length and breadth of the subcontinent. These stories compose the rich Indian cultural heritage and traditions. Thus, the unsung heroes need not necessarily define the lesser-known freedom fighters. They may, at times, be the leaders whose ideals delineate the Indian value system. The Section on Unsung Heroes is an attempt to recall and remember forgotten heroes of our freedom struggle, many of whom might be renowned yet unknown to the new generation. The aim of recreating and bringing forth stories, which lay as faded memories of the past, shall serve as a medium of inspiration and encouragement for the coming generations.

Outcome: Through this activity, the students got to know about the unsung heroes.

Beneficiaries: 139




Department of History and Political Science

Resource Person:

Prof.(Dr.)Chattar Singh

Image by Milad Fakurian

Vice Chancellor, RAI Technology University, Bangalore

Image by Milad Fakurian
Image by NordWood Themes
Image by NordWood Themes
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