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Webinar on the topic “Institutional Preparedness for NEP”

A webinar on the topic “Institutional Preparedness for NEP” was organized by the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Hindu Kanya College, Kapurthala on 20th January 2023. Er. Inderjit Bal member of IQAC started the webinar with her welcome address of the Resource Person Dr. Ajay Sharma and members of the Managing Committee, Vision Committee, Madam Principal, and all the other participants.
Afterward, Dr. Anupam Sabharwal, Coordinator IQAC, welcomed and acquainted the participants with resource person Dr. Ajay Sharma, Principal of Goswami Ganesh Datta Sanatan Dharma college, Chandigarh and apprised the audience of his professional achievements and commendable academic credentials. Initially, our worthy resource person began his session with the basics of NEP premises- Details and proposals for NEP 2020. He discussed the major problems of our educational system like merit-based career management progression, lesser emphasis on research, fragmented higher education system, large affiliated universities, governors and leadership crises, limited teachers' autonomy etc.
He explained that in order to develop the social, intellectual, aesthetics, emotional, and moral abilities of the students, preparations have been made to include multidisciplinary subjects according to National Education Policy.
He also focused on five key changes that are required for Universities and Colleges i.e; Institutional consolidation and restructuring, Autonomy to faculty and Institutional autonomy, Restructuring of degree programs, Emphasis on research, and Governance of higher education Institutions with light but tight regulation. Primary objective of NEP 2020 is to enable the students to be employable and skillful to serve in various sectors independently so that they may not have to depend on government jobs only.
Dr. Ajay also explained the steps to be taken by Higher Educational Institutions. He guided HEIs and colleges to maintain their quality standards to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to meet global demands. He also discussed all the 18 points mentioned in the report made by the DPI committee.
Later on, participants raised their queries regarding the Academic Bank of Credits, National Skills Qualification Frameworks for skill development, etc., and questions were responded by the resource person convincingly.
The webinar was concluded with a vote of thanks by Principal Dr. Archna Garg. She expressed her heartfelt gratitude towards worthy resource person Dr. Ajay Sharma for his intellectual and eye-opening session. She said that Survival of the Fittest is the funda of today's market. She further stressed that such sessions are the need of the hour to prepare Higher Institutions for the upcoming challenges in the field of education and their professional sustenance.
She also appreciated the efforts made by the IQAC team for successfully organizing this webinar. This webinar was attended by 150 participants via Zoom and Facebook platforms.
Motive-To apprise the audience with details and proposals of NEP 2020.
Outcomes- Participants came to know about major problems existing in our education system, acquired the knowledge of NEP 2020 and learnt about the changes that are required for colleges to improve their quality and standard



Resource Person:

Dr. Ajay Sharma, Principal of Goswami Ganesh Datta Sanatan Dharma college, Chandigarh




Internal QualityAssurance Cell

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