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Youth Building Peace

The NSS units of Hindu Kanya College, Kapurthala organised a seminar on the Awareness of the contribution of the younger generation in Nation peace building under the able guidance of madam principal Dr Archana Garg ji. On this occasion Sudesh Sharma, a member of IQAC of the college, was the main speaker of the seminar. Sudesh Sharma guides the students about anger management. He also told the students various ways to control anger.
This seminar was useful and inspirational for the students. On this occasion, Mrs.Madhu Sethi, from the music department welcomed the guests with flowers. Apart from Madam Aman Jyoti, Shivani, Kuldeep and 53 students were present.



Resource Person:

Mr. Sudesh Sharma, Member of IQAC of the College


Conference Hall


NSS Units

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