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PG department of Commerce and Management of the college is having an eminent society with the name ‘Business Forum’. The society works with a view to providing a package full of opportunities to those who have an appetite for brilliance. It also works for the comprehensive development of the students. The society tries to soar its wings in all possible directions through various activities to reach the apex of over-all development of teaching and learning. Time to time the society motivate the students to participate in various inter college competition with the aim to bringing out the best skills of the students and to develop their confidence level.

Year Of Establishment



The PG department of Commerce & Management formed Business Forum as it believes managing is art of creating environment in which students can perform and could co-operate towards attaining group goals of department and institution and in this light it has set forth the following objectives:

  • To make students aware of leadership and decision making concept by creating responsibility centres.

  • To make them understand the essence of co-operation and co-ordination through different activities of the department and college throughout the year.

  • To encourage their participation in inter/intra college activities for their overall personality development.

  • To make them understand that individual goal is subordinate to group goal and thereby making them responsible citizens of the society.

  • To make them professionally, academically and ethically equipped to face the challenges of external environment.

Faculty Members

1. Dr. Neetu Bhargava HOD, Department of Commerce & Management

2. Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur, Assistant Professor in Commerce & Management


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