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English Literary Society

English Literary Society aims at promoting the regular and correct usage of English language among the young learners and developing in them the passion for studying different dimensions and genres of English literature by arranging several linguistic and literary activities, workshops and extension lectures.

Year of Establishment



  • To enhance students’ proficiency in the use of English language

  • To strengthen communication skills and functional use of English language amongst students

  • To develop interest in the study of English literature

  • To promote imagination, creativity, analytical and critical thinking


Learn English Today to Rule the World Tomorrow.


English Literary Society is constituted to facilitate young learners to improve their linguistic competence and to let them further hone their communication skills in English.  It also aims at widening their perspective so that local learners can be transformed into global achievers.  It builds a strong and firm foundation of students so that they can get themselves adapted, accommodated and assimilated in the fast changing competitive world easily.

Faculty Members

  1. Dr. Ritu Gupta, Associate Professor in English

  2. Mrs. Sapna Bhalla, Assistant Professor in English

  3. Mrs. Reena Malhi, Assistant Professor in English


1. Anchal Choudary, 5009 (President)

2. Anjali, 3530 (Vice President)

3. Manpreet Kaur, B. A  I Semester, 2033

4. Navraj Kaur, B. A V Semester, 5012

5. Simranpreet Kaur, B. A  I Semester, 2050

6. Kiranpreet kaur, B. A. V Semester, 5005

7. Prabhnoor Kaur, B. A  I Semester, 2030

English Literary Society

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