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Social Sciences Association

It is the mission of the Association of Social Sciences to enthuse spirit of understanding, respect, sensitivity, acceptance of differences and to make our students committed to peace, social justice, equity and sensitive to human rights.

Year of Establishment



  • To make our students understand in depth, the causes and effects based upon happenings in the past and to make our students critical about latest developments.

  • To ensure that our students are aware about what is happening around the globe, in the present.

  • To help students understand the prevalent social system, our rich heritage and uniqueness of distinctiveness in society.

  • To imbibe the spirit of nationalism, social service and community development.

  • To ensure that our students are well informed and enlightened citizens, capable of promoting common welfare. It will develop confidence and courage among them.

  • To promote the emotional and national integration among the students. Emotional integration is a feeling of oneness among the people of different culture, religion, castes and language. It is the sharing of certain common objectives and ideals and giving them high place over smaller loyalties.

  • To engage, motivate and inspire students to communicate effectively and act responsibly to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex, technological and diverse world.

Faculty Members

  1. Mrs Parmjit Kaur, Assistant Professor in Music

Social Sciences Association

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