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What's HAPPENING THIS WEEK?  Do you want to know? 

Staying updated with current affairs is not only important for students but also highly beneficial for their personal and academic development. Many academic disciplines, including social sciences, political science, economics, and history, are directly related to current affairs. Being informed about current events can enhance your understanding of these subjects and improve your performance in related courses.

In today's competitive job market, employers often seek candidates with a broad understanding of the world. Being knowledgeable about current events can enhance a student's employability, particularly in fields like journalism, international relations, or policy analysis. When students are well-versed in current affairs, they are better equipped to handle interviews, group discussions, and presentations, both in academic settings and future job interviews.

We have tried to apprise you all with the happenings around the world. We will share “Happenings This Week,” weekly with those who will join us.

To register yourself, please join the WhatsApp group by clicking the following link.

Dr. Archna Garg


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