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Home Science and Fashion Designers’ Association

Home Science and Fashion Designers’ Association help the students learn how to manage themselves and be productive. It also ensures that students are not just learning theoretical knowledge but also different kinds of soft skills and life skills.

Year of Establishment



  • Home science is a multipurpose program of study which aims at developing the skills, abilities and capacities for successful home making and family living in a dynamic society. The skill development in specialised areas like cookery, catering, child care interior decoration, dress designing and handicrafts including embroidery, knitting etc. provides ample scope for consultancy and guidance services or production centres.

  • Aim of Fashion Designing education is to deliver the comprehensive knowledge about various aspects of designing and merchandising of apparels as well as to acquaint the students in best possible manner with current and future needs of the fashion world.

Faculty Members

  1. Ms. Sarika Kanda, Assistant Professor in Home Science

  2. Ms. Avninder Kaur, Assistant Professor in Fashion Designing

  3. Ms. Dolly, Assistant Professor in Fashion Designing


Amanjot Kaur , M.Sc FD I Semester, 7511

Vice President

Amardeep Kaur, B.A VI Semester , 5021


1. Kulwinder kaur, B.A I Semester, 2037

2. Simran Kaur, B.A III Semester, 3512

​3.  Amardeep Kaur, B.A V Semester, 5021

4. Anchal, B. A I Semester, 2010

​5. Simranpreet Kaur, B.A III Semester, 3501​

6. Ramanpreet Kaur, M.Sc FD I Semester, 7501

7. Rajvir Kaur, UG Dip. S & T I Semester, 3304

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