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Hindu Kanya College, established in 1969, is a premier institution in Kapurthala devoted to disseminate knowledge and maintaining high standards in women education.  It is affiliated to Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and holds the honour of being accredited and re-accredited with Grade “A” by National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bangalore. The college offers a wide array of courses at graduate and post graduate level in various streams like Arts, Commerce, Information Technology, Business Administration etc.  The college is committed to impart excellence and value-based education that enables learners to become responsible, independent, and resilient and develop them into mature individuals who can make a sustainable contribution to the world. The management, administration and staff with their past experience and expertise gained over time, are committed towards the holistic development and empowerment of the students so as to make them employable and globally compatible. The institution is an epitome of brilliance enlightening women for national development and integration as well as morally, socially and culturally educate them to become the empathetic global citizens of the nation.

The college follows an amalgamation of tradition and technology and is dedicated to transform students as knowledgeable, harmonious and creative individuals and to discover their potential, enhance their talents and to inculcate skills that would be helpful for the individual's dignity and growth. The institution articulates a pragmatic approach in uplifting women force into an effective and mighty human resource by honing their skills through value-based education.  College has highly skilled and experienced faculty that nurtures the students to thrive in an ever-changing world by contributing towards the holistic development of the students. We believe in learning that enthuse ideals of peace, love, happiness care, equity freedom with a deep self- knowledge and awareness of the surroundings. In this era of increasing competencies, we cannot solely depend on academic excellence. Visualizing this, the college curriculum lays emphasis on enhancing their computing, communicating, analytical, creative and managerial skills. The college ensures a culture of excellence with passion and develop students as fully equipped professionals keeping pace with the fast-evolving knowledge and technology.

College Management

The college is achieving new heights under the resplendent administration and governance of the management committee consisting of 25 intellectuals. Their ultimate goal is the development of high moral values and excellence in academic and technical skills amongst students. The college management is fostering its social and ethical responsibility by empowering and uplifting women through education. We can never overlook an overwhelming contribution and the genuine efforts of management in accomplishing this valuable task of strengthening the individuality of a girl in the society.

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