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English language: A Magical Key to Unlock the World of Possibilities

The first global Lingua Franca, uncrowned monarch in the galaxy of languages, spoken by approximately 360 million people, understood by almost 1.7 billion people worldwide and taught in over 118 countries, what else we need to realise the importance of English Language. Impressions of English Language can be traced in every aspect of life. English language learning allows people to communicate globally. It is pioneer in everyday communication, business, media, information technology, academia and entertainment industry. Globalisation has entailed the learning, knowledge and understanding of English language in the arena of life.

Five reasons why English is important

1. English as a Bridge Language for Communication

Whole world has been converted into a global village and English language acts as a bridge to connect the people of different countries. If you wish to settle abroad in an English speaking country, want a good job in a multinational company, need promotion in job, admission in international Universities, Learning English Language is an important step and a valuable skill to pursue the goals. English language will help you to interact, share cultures, emotions and skills in alien regions. Command over English increases chances of fetching lucrative employment within home country or abroad. Global education, cultures, markets and tourism are no longer limited by space, time or international borders and English language has given its tremendous contribution in converting people as the global citizen of the world. Moreover, the quest for proficiency in second language, particularly English has potential benefits as bilingualism proves as resource. It not only gives economic benefits but has cognitive advantages also. Scientists believe that using and responding to two different languages keeps the brain more active than using and responding to one language. English language learning has given exposure to diverse cultures and is pivotal in strengthening diplomatic ties between different countries.

2. Language of Academia

English language as a subject is taught in many countries. It is the main language of science and technology. Many technical applications, tools, software are available in English. People are specifically devoting their more and more time in learning English in IELTS AND TOFEL institutes. In many countries including India, English is a part of the curriculum and students start learning English at an early stage. Proficiency in English improves professional as well as personal abilities, confidence and begin to meet global challenges. Writers prefer to write in English as majority of the readers know only English Language. Shakespeare, Milton, Keats, J. K. Rowling wrote world famous works produced originally in English. To pursue higher education and to get admission in prestigious universities of international repute that are situated in USA, England and Australia, it is paramount to be able to speak, read, write and listen in English.

3. Language of Technology and Media

English is the most widely used language in technology. It is the language of the internet and new information can be accessed and enjoyed through online resources. Most of the information and websites are available in English language. About 1 billion people do chatting, typing and net surfing in English. An estimated 55% of the world’ s most visited sites are displayed in English Language. English is the prominent language in the world of programming and coding.

4. Dominant in Business and Widen Employment Opportunities

English is the dominant language in the corporate sector. Multinational companies hire multicultural and multilinguistic workforce, English Language tries to connect the employees by acting as a common link. International businesses, banking and marketing are conducted mainly in English. To understand the financial markets across the globe and for better coordinated tasks, knowledge of English has become necessary. As businesses are expanding and crossing borders, English has become the undeclared official corporate standard language by providing the common ground for different employees from different countries and breaking the communication barriers. In India also whether you are vouching for a government job or a job in corporate sector, English Language skills is of paramount importance. Companies seek the candidate’s ability to speak fluently in English as one of the major selection criteria. It has become the standard language used in official meetings, presentations, reports, business letters, documents, conferences, training etc. Employees are expected to be well versed in English. Command and Fluency in English help you to work as a Translator, Marketer, Teacher, Content Writer or any other job opportunity that demand strong Communication Skills in English. Knowledge of English helps you to become a better, smart and more confident person in your personal and professional life.

5. Universal Appeal in the Field of Entertainment Industry

Learning English Language opens worldwide entertainment. It lays before you popular Hollywood blockbusters and musical chartbusters. It further helps to unleash environment and cultures of English- speaking countries. It is a fact that 70% of media and entertainment industry use English Language for broadcasting purposes. Electronic Media is expanding and has become popular only through English Language. There is no need to rely on subtitles and translations to enjoy our favourite films, songs, shows, magazines, bestsellers, other books, if we know the English Language. English learning can open gateway to the excited experiences.

Sapna Bhalla

Department of English

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