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Fabric: An essence of elegant dressing

The fabric is the most important part of the outfit. A wrong choice of fabric means the wrong outfit. The creation of an outfit begins with the designing of the finest fabric for the outfit.


The fashion industry relies a lot on the right kind of fabric. If you have a specific design in mind, you cannot perfectly pull it off without the right kind of fabric. The texture, intensity, and lightness of the fabric impact its shade and dress style. Fabric texture means the feel of the fabric, its appearance, and whether it feels soft or stiff. All of these qualities affect the visual quality of the fabric. Different kinds of dresses work well with different kinds of fabrics. Stiff cloth is not a perfect match for night wear. Similarly, chiffon is not suitable for winter wear. So, the selection of good quality fabric makes the cloth perfect and durable.

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Hardeep Kaur
Hardeep Kaur
Nov 30, 2022

Good knowledge

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