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Three Arts Club

Three Arts Club  was formulated-for highlighting the importance of music theatre and dance in enhancing the overall potential of students inmultifaceted areas beyond their academic pursuits.This club works actively within the college to promote budding performers to Mark their niche in the performing arts and stage performances within the college and beyond It.

Year of Establishment



  • To expose their hidden talent

  • To provide them a platform

  • To enhance their knowledge through experts talk and performances of renowned artists of music, dance and theatre field

Faculty Members

  1. Mrs Parmjit Kaur, Assistant Professor in Music


Deepika, 5007

Vice President

Taranpreet Kaur


1. Nitika, B.A. IV Semester, 3503

2. Jasleen Kaur, B.a. II Semester, 2047

3. Simranjit Kaur,  B.A. IV Semester, 3534

4. Jahnvi Sharma, B.A. IV Semester, 3537

5. Neha, B.A. II Semester, 2022

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