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Youth Service Club

Youth Service  Club of our college is working effectively under the Youth Service Department  of Guru Nanak Dev University Amritsar and Youth Services Department of Punjab Government .This club stages several co- curricular activities and growth promoting events for the students to accentuate their overall performance and personality

Year of Establishment



  • Putting the energies of youth in a positive direction

  • To empower the youth

  • To develop a strong and healthy personality

  • To inculcate the spirit of leadership in them

  • To promote the participation of youth in cultural program

  • To strengthen National Integration

Faculty Members

  1. Ms. Parmjit Kaur, Assistant Professor in Music

  2. Mrs. Suvit Dass

  3. Ms. Supriya, Asssistant Professor in Cosmetology

  4. Ms. Muskan Sharma

reaers club

Readers Club

Reading helps to expand the mind and give us more ideas. It helps in keeping our mind young, healthy and sharp. It also helps in improving communication skills. The more you read, the richer will be your vocabulary.

Year of Establishment



  • To provide a forum for exchange of knowledge and insights gained from reading.

  • To encourage reading for Pleasure and personal growth.

  • To create an atmosphere for students to discover, develop, deploy and express their soft skills.

  • To create an atmosphere for students to discover, develop, deploy and express their soft skills.

  • To have a positive impact on student’s academic success, future career opportunities, and overall quality of life.

  • To Increase the awareness and understanding about the Leaning Recourses available in college among its students.


  1. Read Write Think


The Readers Club is envisaged as a hub for readers in our College. It is aimed at creating a community of readers to inspire writers, provide an avenue for reviewers and creating enthusiasm about learning and reading. The Readers Club constituted in order to develop the critical thinking and analytical writing skills among the students.

Faculty Members

  1. Dr. Kulwinder Kaur, Associate Professor in Hindi

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