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Educational Trip

An educational trip was organised by Department of Social Sciences on 18th September 2022 to Naina Devi and Anandpur Sahib. During this trip students visited these two famous Holy places abd paid their obeisance. Students were enlightened about the history of the foundation of the Khalsa Panth.They got to know about how Guru Gobind Singh ji faced Mughal rulers bravely & saved the sanctity of the Sikh religion.
Students gained knowledge about History of Punjab. 27 students were benefitted by this educational venture. Teachers who accompanied students were Dr. Neetu Bhargava, Davinder Kaur & Manpreet Kaur. Members of Administrative Office Mr Buggan Singh & Mr Mahesh Kumar also went on this trip.



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Naina Devi and Shri Anandpur Sahib


Social Sciences Department

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