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Webinar on Indian Commodity Market – Prospects & Challenges

The Alumnae association of the college is organizing a webinar in collaboration with Department of Commerce and Management. The commodity market is a physical or virtual market place where market people meet and buy or sell primary (raw) commodities like oil, gold, silver, wheat and Barley etc. Though started with agri commodities initially, commodity markets trade in all types of commodities. The commodity market has a special place in driving a country's economy and allowing investors to profit along the way. The investors can find an ideal way through the commodities market to mitigate their losses. It directly influences agricultural sector. India has 22 commodity exchanges that have been set up under forward Market commission, out of which Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX), Indian Commodity Exchange(ICEX),National Multi Commodity Exchange of India (NMCE) and National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX)are popular choices for trading in India.




Alumnae Association

Resource Person:

Mr. Sanjay Gakhar, Vice-President & Regional Head, Business Development at MCX Delhi Mr. Chandra Nath Pandey, Manager, Business Development & Head Punjab, Himachal Pardesh, Delhi NCR of MCX, Delhi Mr. Vanit Singh Kaler, Senior Manager, Training & Education, Multi-Commodity Exchange of India Limited, New Delhi

Image by Milad Fakurian

Image by Milad Fakurian
Image by NordWood Themes
Image by NordWood Themes
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