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Bhasha Manch

Bhasha Manch has been constituted in the college, following the guidelines issued by the Secretary, Higher Education and Languages, Bhasha Vibhag, Government of Punjab under the Punjab Official Language Act III-B, 2008. The aim of establishing this platform is to promote the Punjabi Language, Literature and Cultural Heritage of Punjab and to attach young learners to their rich regional linguistic and literary legacy.


  1. To promote Punjabi language, literature and cultural vivacity.

  2. To enthuse students to use and promote their Mother Tongue.

  3. To develop students’ interest in the study of Punjabi language and literature.

  4. To improve students’ linguistic and literary comprehension in their regional language.

Faculty Members

Dr. Jasdeep Kaur, Assistant Professor of Punjabi

Student Members


           Prabhnoor Kaur, B.A 5th Sem, 5020

Vice president

          Kulwinder Kaur, B.A 5th Sem, 5031

General Secretary

            Simranjeet Kaur, 3rd Sem, 4304

Press Secretary

            Karandeep Kaur, B.C.A 1st Sem, 2720


  1. Gurkamal Kaur, B.C.A 1st Sem, 2708

  2. Khushi, B.A 1st Sem, 2049

  3. Shivani, B.A 5th Sem, 5025

  4. Navdeep Kaur, 3rd Sem, 8404

  5. Harpreet Kaur, M.A Punjabi 3rd Sem, 8401

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