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IQAC Composition (2022-2023)

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (2022-23)

As per directions and guidelines of NAAC, Bangalore, the College constitutes an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in 2007 to provide Quality assurance, Quality Sustainance, Quality Enhancement and improvement in the performance of quality up-gradation of institutions of higher education.

Chairperson -

Dr. Archna Garg, Principal

Members From Staff(Teaching)

  1. Dr. Anupam Sabharwal, Assistant Professor in Economics (Coordinator)

  2. Mrs. Sarika Kanda, Assistant Professor in Home Science

  3. Mrs. Ramandeep Kaur, Assistant Professor in Commerce

  4. Mrs. Jasdeep Kaur, Assistant Professor in Punjabi

  5. Mrs. Varinder Kaur, Assistant Professor in Political Science

  6. Er. Inderjeet Kaur Bal, Assistant Professor in Computer Science

  7. Mrs. Suvit Das, Assistant Professor in Commerce

  8. Mrs. Supriya Sharma, Assistant Professor in Cosmetology


Members From Administrative Staff

1. Mr. Sanjeev Bhalla, Office Superintendent

Members From Management

1. Sh. Tilak Raj Aggarwal (President)

Members with Administrative Experience

1. Smt. Gulshan Yadav, Former Principal

2. Dr. Raghubir Kaur, Former Principal


Members From Local Society

1. Dr. Ashwani Sharma

Members From Alumnae

1.Dr. Nitya Sharma

Members From Industry/Business Establishments

1. Sh. Arihant Aggarwal

2. Sh. Ashwani Aggarwal

3. Smt. Geeta Ghai

Member From Student Council

1. Head Girl

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