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Sports Club

The aim of the Sports Club is to provide its members, the opportunity to practise sports and utilise their free time actively.  The collective goals of the club evolve from the interests of the members.  Discipline of mind, body and tactics are essential in sports.  When children participate in sports, they learn the value of self-control, teamwork, and discipline.


  • To build up sportsmanship.

  • To reduce stress and improve health.

  • To improve skills and enhance employability.

  • To develop positive attitude, self-confidence, courage and patience among students.


  • Winning is not always everything, defeat also teaches a lot.


  • The formation of Spots Club is to facilitate the all-round development of the young learners.  It also aims to make them a good citizen so that they can make a good mark in the society.  It strengthens the foundation of the students to make them adapt in the fast changing competitive world, adjust themselves to the situation and value their time.

Faculty Members

Ms. Mukti, Lecturer Physical Education

Ms. Amarjeet Kaur, Lecturer Physical Education

Student Members

                Anchal , B.A V semester , 5017

 Vice President
               Navneet kaur , B.A V Semester,  5016



               Kamaljeet kaur ,  B.A III Semester, 3512


 Joint Secretary
             Sofia , B.A III Semester, 3504


  1.  Manjot kaur , B.A III Semester,  3508

  2.  Simardeep kaur , B.A III Semester,  3515

  3.  Yasneet , B.A III Semester ,3550

  4.  Simranjit Kaur,  BA I Semester,  2011

  5.  Khushi, BA I Semester, 2005

  6.  Manisha, BA I Semester,  2014

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