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Success Story


She has rightly proved what once famous American animator Walt Disney quoted: “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Indeed, nothing and nobody can stop you if you work hard and believe in yourself.

Nitya Sharma , Our Proud Alumnus

Nitya Sharma was born in 1976 in a well educated and progressive family. Her father was her guiding light whose knowledge and love showed her the righteous way. She always remembers how her father insisted her to take admission at Hindu Kanya College. In her teens, she was a vibrant and aspirant student and wanted to join MCM DAV College, Chandigarh. But her father was quite adamant and a fervent believer in Santana Dharma. According to him, “Education is necessary but the ideology is more important than anything else and Sanatan Dharm and Hinduism is not a religion to practice but it is the basis of our living.”
She believed in her father's doctrine that our thoughts guide us and the genesis of thought would be from this institution. So, respecting her father's sentiments and having trust in his faith, she got enrolled in this college in 10+1 Commerce in 1991 and finally graduated from the college. Ultimately, she also realized that this college has been the foundation stone in her transformational journey of life.
She confessed that she did not realize the importance of the morning college prayers until she got married and had kids. "हम करें राष्ट्र आराधन and चन्दन है इस देश की माटी" had deep impact on her heart and she taught the same to her kids.
She felt that it was the nourishment given by the institution that when life threw lemons she was able to make her lemonade and enjoyed it. The syllabus/contents enabled her to pursue her higher education. She did M.Com and M.Phil., Ph.D., UGC NET and value education which enabled her to accomplish her goal.
She started her career as a lecturer in commerce in 1999 at her Alma Mater, Hindu Kanya College and that too with the inspiration of her father’s words, “जो हमने सीखा है उसी को लौटाना है,” i.e. We will deliver what we have learnt and so the learning went on and on for twelve years. She became HOD of Commerce Department in the college and always actively contributed in Students' learning and progression through her constructive approach and unfailing support. She served the college strenuously and was an active member of many clubs and activities of the institution.
In 2011, she joined as Deputy Controller(Examinations) at I.K.Gujral, Punjab Technical University. Working in different departments like Research and Development, Finance and Academics, she is adding the perfection and precision both in her personality and profession. Along with this, it was her interest and flair towards research that motivated her to write research papers, columns, chapters in books and books etc.
She admitted that her inspiration, transformation and manifestations owe to none other than Hindu Kanya College. She is always indebted to her teachers who inculcated in her the spirit of self- discipline, self-esteem and a responsibility which further developed in her a trait of leadershipto sail in the sea of professional world successfully.

Nitya Sharma

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