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Success Story

Upma Mahajan, Our Proud Alumnus

“I believe in चाहो तो आसमा मे भी सुराख हो सकता है, बस एक पत्थर तो तबियत से उछालो।”


I am Upma Mahajan, born on 21st Sept, 1980 in a family of educationists. My father Shri DP Uppal was working with Sainik School Kapurthala, So I had the privilege to have my schooling from SAINIK SCHOOL KAPURTHALA. The schooling here made discipline and duty as my soulmates. I graduated from Hindu kanya College, Kapurthala, where my mentors unveiled my oratory skills due to which in year 2000, I represented Punjab in Republic Day Parade as an NCC Cadet and got the honour of BEST ORATOR by the PRIME MINISTER, Shri ATAL BIHARI VAJPAYEE JI. There after I did my Masters in English and Education in year 2003 and 2005 respectively. After completing my education, I got married in Gurdaspur, Punjab. I started my career as Asst. Prof. of English at SD College, Gurdaspur where I initiated many pioneer projects like Rotract Club, Youth Welfare, and environment society.

Year 2012 was a turning point, as a teacher in English I came across children of this border area who were far behind than students of big cities. I had a strong feeling to work at grassroot level to improve the scenario. I got opportunity to become Principal of Sumitra Devi Arya Sr Sec school, Dinanagar. This was my sky; I nurtured this school with the best of everything. It is a school in border area of Dinanagar, 17 KM from Indo-Pak border children are not so aware about new technology and different careers. To bring about a change in outlook of my students, my team of dedicated educators works hard to make the change happen. We have achieved many milestones in this journey in co scholastic as well as scholastic. My students have been participating in many national and international level competition since last 6 years. From last 4 years children are going for international theatre festival held at Delhi. Regular martial arts, dance and sports classes are being arranged in school campus. We have adopted a nearby village where we work for underprivileged children. We provide them with books and regular classes also. Children are exposed to learning through experiment, they are guided to explore the world around them through various activities be it first aid training in red cross or experiments in science labs.

Guiding parents about right upbringing of their children is another field where I work to make lives better. I have been successful in guiding many illiterate mothers to learn with their children and improve themselves also. I feel happy to see those mothers taking interest in their children. Now they are not dependent on tuition teachers but are themselves teaching their children.

I am a resource person with CBSE to train teachers in various fields like CLASSROOM MANAGMENT, VALUE EDUCATION, GENDER SENSITIVITY, BEHAVIOUR MANAGMENT etc. I aim to provide various strategies to teachers to make their classroom teaching interesting. Making teaching interactive and decreasing to burden of students’ various methods of self and peer learning are adopted by teachers. Intra class and inter class competitions are a great option through which I have motivated my students to be confident. Value education being the need of the hour is another important factor of education in my school.
Respect to all religions and celebrating all festival leads to development of mutual love and understanding among children. All these factors have led to development of interpersonal, social and emotional skills of students.
I feel I am blessed to be in the field of education to shape and mould the youth of our country, the future and the next generation. 

Upma Mahajan

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